Apache Directory Studio, a new Open Source LDAP & Directory Tooling Platform


Apache Directory Studio, a sub-project of the Apache Directory project, is an LDAP and Directory tooling platform. Written as an Eclipse RCP application composed of several plugins, it runs as a standalone multiplatform application (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows) or integrated within Eclipse itself.

In this session, we will outline the design of the tool suite and describe its three most important features:

  • The LDAP Browser Plugin is a tool for browsing, searching and editing entries on an LDAP Server. It works with any LDAP Server.
  • The Schema Editor Plugin is intended to edit the schema of an LDAP Server (object classes and attribute types). The Plugin can dynamically edit the schema of an Apache Directory Server and load/save schemas from/to OpenLDAP schema format files.
  • The Configuration Plugin for Apache Directory Server can be used to edit the configuration file of the Apache Directory Server.
  • The ACI Editor Plugin enables the user to configure Access Controls of the Apache Directory Server.

This talk will provide live demonstrations of the capabilities against different LDAP servers.


  • presented by Stefan Seelmann, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot on September 6 at LDAPcon in Cologne, Germany.