ApacheDS: Bringing "lightweight" to ldap development


Apache Directory Server (ApacheDS) is the ideal directory server for developing LDAP aware software. It is often very difficult to reproduce production environments during various phases the software development lifecycle. Embedding ApacheDS into your tests alleviates the pain of having to launch a full LDAP server beside your tests : you get it for free, unit and integration tests are then easy to write and run. LDAP server available for testing is not always an option, especially for tests in open source projects where anyone can download and run these tests in environments the developer is not in control of. Beside being a fully compliant LDAP server, ADS can also be seen as the perfect LDAP server when it comes to use it in development environment: it's embeddable for unit tests, fully LDAP v3 compliant, light, and easy to use. Hence there are many reasons why you should use ApacheDS before going to production. Many people are using Tomcat in production, but a lot more are using it during the development phase because it's light, easy to install, easy to use, and free of course. ApacheDS provides similar advantages. Furthermore the tooling ApacheDS offers (Apache Directory Studio) is very appealing. This presentation will show you how to use ApacheDS in a development environment, and why it would be a good idea to use it in production as well.