LDAP Stored Procedures and Triggers in ApacheDS


LDAP directories lack stored procedure and trigger facilities which have been provided by relational database management systems for many years. The need for these rich integration tier constructs drives information architects towards the use of relational databases for managing centralized information that would have best been served by directories. A novel model for specifying stored procedures and triggers in LDAP directories is presented. Rather than introducing incompatible changes to the protocol, these features were designed by making use of LDAP extension points. LDAP stored procedures allow users to define their own server side routines and to call them via an LDAP extended operation. LDAP triggers raised by standard LDAP operations invoke LDAP stored procedures. Triggers can be defined on individual entries or on sets of entries using subtree specifications based on the X.500 administrative model adopted by LDAP. The proposed models have been realized and tested within the Apache Directory Server.


  • Presented by Ersin Er on September 7 at LDAPcon in Cologne, Germany.