Automatic Updates

The following preferences can be changed on the Install/Update page:

Maximum number of 'History' configurations Maximum number of configurations you want maintained in the configuration history. These configurations are maintained to allow you to revert to a previous configuration of installed feature versions. 100
Check digital signatures of downloaded archives This option will check for digital signatures of downloaded archives. On
Valid updates Assuming that feature versions use the form 'major.minor.service', you can select what update level you want to choose from:
  • equivalent : Only service updates will be displayed.
  • compatible : Service updates and minor updates will be displayed.
Update Policy The update policy URL that controls the redirection of update sites within an organization. No policy
Proxy settings Allows connection to the remote server from behind the firewall. When enabled, proxy host address (required) and port number (optional) can be specified. No proxy

Here is what the Install/Update preferences page looks like: