Installed JREs

The following preferences can be changed on the Installed JREs page:

This page allows a new default JRE to be selected as well as adding new JRE installations.

Installed JREs The current listing of installed JREs, allowing you to select the one to act as the workspace default  
Add... Adds a new JRE definition to the workbench. In the resulting dialog, specify the following:
  • JRE type: (select a VM type from the drop-down list)
  • JRE name: Type a name for this JRE definition
  • JRE home directory: Type or browse to select the root directory for this JRE installation
  • Default VM arguments: Type the VM arguments to be used on the command line each time this JRE is used to run or debug a program
  • Use the JRE system libraries list to manage the libraries associated with the JRE. These are the libraries that appear on the build path and default runtime boot path.
    • You can add, remove, and re-order the libraries
    • You can specify a source attachment and javadoc location for each library. Multi-select to modify more than one library at once.
    • Use the Restore Default button to revert to the JRE's default libraries
Edit... Allows you to edit the selected JRE.  
Copy... Creates a copy of the selected JRE with the same attributes and a new name.  
Remove Removes the selected JRE from the workbench.  
Search... Automatically searches for JREs installed in the local file system and creates corresponding JRE definitions in the workspace.  

Here is what the Installed JREs preferences page looks like: