Release notes

Apache Directory Studio 1.5.2 - (2009, December 11th)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-603] - Error browsing/entering rfc2307 compliant host entry

  • [DIRSTUDIO-601] - The 'Perform Search/Search Again' button in the Search Result Editor does not work correctly

Apache Directory Studio 1.5.1 - (2009, November 30th)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-597] - Modification sent to the server while browsing through the DIT and refreshing entries

  • [DIRSTUDIO-596] - Various typos in the french translation

  • [DIRSTUDIO-595] - The icon of the entry in the 'Outline' view should be the same as the one in the 'LDAP Browser' view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-594] - The 'Show new password details' checkbox does not display the 'Enter new password' text field as clear text when checked in the Password Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-593] - Missing string and typo in the french translation of the Password Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-592] - LDAP Browser view is refreshed twice after the initialization of the children of an entry

  • [DIRSTUDIO-591] - Error reading objects with # in DN

  • [DIRSTUDIO-590] - The 'Quick Search' string has not been externalized in the LDAP Browser view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-589] - InvalidNameException: unexpected token for user ids starting with hash sign

  • [DIRSTUDIO-587] - UI flickers on quick search

  • [DIRSTUDIO-580] - Setting "Validate certificates for secure LDAP connections" is not saved

  • [DIRSTUDIO-576] - Context menu not shown after a right-click on a non-cached entry

Apache Directory Studio 1.5.0 - (2009, November 2nd)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-575] - Bookmarks not working

  • [DIRSTUDIO-570] - Integer Value Editor does not accept negative numbers

  • [DIRSTUDIO-553] - Add descriptions for server specific OIDs of IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.1 and 6.2

  • [DIRSTUDIO-552] - NullPointerException if Root DSE of IBM Tivoli Directory Server displayed in Entry Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-550] - Root DSE properties: Directory types IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.1 and 6.2 not detected correctly

  • [DIRSTUDIO-532] - Refreshing parent of referral may give ConcurrentModificationException

  • [DIRSTUDIO-531] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of the Search Results editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-530] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of the Entry editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-529] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of the Browser view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-527] - Unable to display Active Directory GUIDs

  • [DIRSTUDIO-524] - Operational attributes are not show, although enabled under preferences

  • [DIRSTUDIO-512] - Deletion of entries very slow

  • [DIRSTUDIO-507] - Attempt to rename the rdn results in message contain {0} and {1}

  • [DIRSTUDIO-504] - Timestamp attribute with an invalid time in it is read only - editor ignores entry

  • [DIRSTUDIO-503] - New Entry -> Available object classes list remains stale after new objectclasses added

  • [DIRSTUDIO-502] - Copy/Paste the context entry from one connection to another doesn't work

  • [DIRSTUDIO-495] - Cannot edit password field

  • [DIRSTUDIO-493] - Aliased attributes show only one attribute name in the RDN selection list instead of the full aliases list

  • [DIRSTUDIO-490] - Copy/Paste a search from one connection to another doesn't work

  • [DIRSTUDIO-489] - LDIF Import very slow

  • [DIRSTUDIO-488] - New context entry creation is not shown just after connection

  • [DIRSTUDIO-486] - Include Version Specifier in LDIF export

  • [DIRSTUDIO-484] - Rename dialog does not work with escaped RDNs

  • [DIRSTUDIO-483] - DN Editor escapes all non-ascii characters

  • [DIRSTUDIO-481] - Improve refreshing of attributes and children

  • [DIRSTUDIO-437] - Alias are not exposed as such in the browser

  • [DIRSTUDIO-418] - Slow LDIF/CSV export

  • [DIRSTUDIO-409] - No error message in some special case

  • [DIRSTUDIO-403] - Cannot add refs when the ExtensibleObject OC has been added to a referral

  • [DIRSTUDIO-402] - The ManageDsaIT control should be activable for a single request, not at the connection level

  • [DIRSTUDIO-334] - Built-in help doesn't show icons for "Icons" and "Toolbars" tables in "LDAP Browser View"


  • [DIRSTUDIO-574] - Add 'Cancel' button to "Select copy strategy" (was Abort of copy/paste not possible)

  • [DIRSTUDIO-558] - Load special entries (aliases, referrals, subentries) per request, add menu items to browser's context menu

  • [DIRSTUDIO-555] - Human readable descriptions of OIDs in binary attributes preference page

  • [DIRSTUDIO-554] - Add option to save tabular entry editor automatically or manually

  • [DIRSTUDIO-535] - Use SWT.SEARCH and SWT.CANCEL style bits on search text field for a native search field on Mac OS X

  • [DIRSTUDIO-534] - Re-order the preference pages for better understanding

  • [DIRSTUDIO-533] - Only show referral handling dialog when opening or expanding referral entry

  • [DIRSTUDIO-513] - Do delete before add when modifying attribute values

  • [DIRSTUDIO-496] - Password editor improvements

  • [DIRSTUDIO-487] - Empty namingcontexts causes javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Bad DN

  • [DIRSTUDIO-371] - Entries with a ref attribute should be shown N times in the browser (N = number of ref values)

  • [DIRSTUDIO-145] - Multiple tabs for entry editor

New Feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-562] - Add 'Copy Display Value' action, default copy action should copy displayed value

  • [DIRSTUDIO-556] - Add value editor for UUID

  • [DIRSTUDIO-515] - Add extensibility to Entry Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-494] - Add value editor for certificates (syntax

  • [DIRSTUDIO-462] - Add Export to Open Document Format

  • [DIRSTUDIO-434] - Add value editor for Active Directory objectGUID and objectSid attributes


  • [DIRSTUDIO-519] - Create a new LDIF Entry Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-518] - Create a new multi-window Entry Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-517] - Create a new single-window Entry Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-516] - Create a new Entry Editor extension point


  • [DIRSTUDIO-479] - Object classes of an entry should always be present


  • [DIRSTUDIO-167] - Show custom icons for various kinds of schema elements while browsing schema data

Apache Directory Studio 1.4.0 - (2009, April 7th)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-472] - SWTException (Widget is disposed) when disabling DIT Quick Search

  • [DIRSTUDIO-470] - Schema Browser view is not bring to front when using the 'Open Schema Browser' menu item while the view is already opened but not the frontmost view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-469] - Added wrong AttributeTypes can't be deleted

  • [DIRSTUDIO-465] - Context entry created from an LDIF import is not shown in the Browser view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-463] - Browsing the directory produce too many search requests

  • [DIRSTUDIO-460] - Pressing 'Enter' in New Entry wizard should edit the attribute

  • [DIRSTUDIO-457] - Unknown schema causes attributes to be treated as operational

  • [DIRSTUDIO-456] - Cannot create an entry with mandatory binary attribute

  • [DIRSTUDIO-430] - NullPointer exception when fetching children of a node

  • [DIRSTUDIO-427] - Operational attributes turned on by itself

  • [DIRSTUDIO-423] - Outline view does not respect the settings of the Entry Editor on displaying or not the operational attributes

  • [DIRSTUDIO-420] - Unable to locate in DIT (f3)

  • [DIRSTUDIO-419] - Problems switching between connections

  • [DIRSTUDIO-396] - Custom LDAP attributes not shown in entry editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-395] - Problems with special chars (german Umlauts)

  • [DIRSTUDIO-373] - Can't delete a tagged attribute if the non tagged attribute belong to the DN


  • [DIRSTUDIO-455] - Cannot copy/past an existing search

  • [DIRSTUDIO-426] - Overwritten hashCode() method should not use super.hashCode()

  • [DIRSTUDIO-412] - Add expand all and collapse all actions to the connections view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-411] - Select a new created folder in the connection view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-241] - The "New Value" action (in the Entry Editor) should be disabled if the AT is defined as single valued

  • [DIRSTUDIO-234] - Greyed out menu items should have a tool tip explaining *why* they're greyed out

  • [DIRSTUDIO-207] - Operationnal attributes cannot be shown entirely

  • [DIRSTUDIO-150] - mprove error handling

  • [DIRSTUDIO-115] - Unable to edit operational attribute values

New Feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-449] - Add a new GeneralizedTime Value Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-397] - Request for multi-language GUI

  • [DIRSTUDIO-335] - DIT Quick Search

Apache Directory Studio 1.3.0 - (2008, November 24th)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-389] - Back/Forward Navigation isn't working

  • [DIRSTUDIO-380] - Attribute and Entry property pages makes the dialog very tall

  • [DIRSTUDIO-379] - Class NewEntryWizard not found, application doesn't starts

  • [DIRSTUDIO-367] - Tree delete control should not be used automatically

  • [DIRSTUDIO-355] - DSML Import and Export fail with "Internal Error: null"

  • [DIRSTUDIO-354] - Search window, paste problem

  • [DIRSTUDIO-293] - Values of attributes of the syntax 'Generalized Time' must have the g-time-zone 'Z' and minutes and seconds set to be interpreted and shown as a date instead of the raw value

  • [DIRSTUDIO-291] - Adding of an objectclass requiring attributes not present to an entry in the ldap browser, modify operation fails

  • [DIRSTUDIO-260] - Unable to do a DSML Export from eDirectory


  • [DIRSTUDIO-407] - In the NewEntryWizard, the first selected object class on the left side should be added if the Enter key is hit in the text field

  • [DIRSTUDIO-383] - Make "Fetch subentries" setting configurable per connection, move from browser preferences to connection properties

  • [DIRSTUDIO-378] - An attribute name containing an underscore ("_") is split in two when used in "Returning Attributes" field of the "Search" dialog

  • [DIRSTUDIO-377] - Add value editor for OIDs

  • [DIRSTUDIO-363] - Browser View doesn't accept menu additions thru viewerContribution extension point

  • [DIRSTUDIO-327] - Add support for Paged Results Control

  • [DIRSTUDIO-311] - Provide Goto DN dialog

  • [DIRSTUDIO-291] - Using the 'new entry'/'use existing entry as template' feature from the context menu of an entry, the parent dn is also copied from the template entry

  • [DIRSTUDIO-244] - Add selection for copy strategy if an entry to copy already exists

  • [DIRSTUDIO-228] - Mask userPassword in the log view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-147] - Allow LDIF imports to overwrite existing entries

  • [DIRSTUDIO-116] - Expand all folds by default

  • [DIRSTUDIO-114] - Group container entries first in browser view

New Feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-385] - Add dialog to create a new context entry

  • [DIRSTUDIO-356] - Add a way to get the connection config as an URL

  • [DIRSTUDIO-297] - Add a 'save as' for logs

  • [DIRSTUDIO-153] - Allow offline modifications of entries

  • [DIRSTUDIO-107] - Enable Select/Copy in Property page of RootDSE in order to copy and paste detected OIDs

  • [DIRSTUDIO-85] - Add support for search dialog to include * and + for returnable attributes


  • [DIRSTUDIO-375] - Move each plugin IDs in a file

  • [DIRSTUDIO-374] - Clean duplicated dependencies in plugins

  • [DIRSTUDIO-19] - Add Javadoc to LDAP Browser classes

Apache Directory Studio 1.2.0 - (2008, august 18th)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-365] - Can't delete entry with studio 1.1.0. works with 1.0.1

  • [DIRSTUDIO-360] - cannot read attribute from items with a / in the dn

  • [DIRSTUDIO-349] - Unable to enter large values for uid

  • [DIRSTUDIO-341] - Paste error

  • [DIRSTUDIO-336] - Errors when parsing schema of some LDAP servers

  • [DIRSTUDIO-326] - Non-Operational attributes are marked as operational when bind to Siemens DirX 7.0

  • [DIRSTUDIO-319] - LDAP Browser creating new entry becomes empty and unusable in Windows Vista after certain actions

  • [DIRSTUDIO-318] - Rename of multi-values RDN does not work when changing the second RDN

  • [DIRSTUDIO-315] - Choosing new value, in entry editor shows new entry when server error occures

  • [DIRSTUDIO-298] - NullPointerException raised when drag'n'dropping a connection to a folder (on Mac OS X only)

  • [DIRSTUDIO-273] - Unable to get Base DNs on OID (Oracle Internet Directory)

  • [DIRSTUDIO-209] - Cannot expand attribute list

  • [DIRSTUDIO-157] - Studio looses STRG-V over some time of use

  • [DIRSTUDIO-121] - Some property pages make the dialog very tall

  • [DIRSTUDIO-89] - Entry painted even though not created in server


  • [DIRSTUDIO-361] - Auto-activate 'show operational attributes' when adding an operational attribute

  • [DIRSTUDIO-329] - Replace internal URL class by shared-ldap LdapURL class

  • [DIRSTUDIO-126] - Triple click to edit attribute

  • [DIRSTUDIO-46] - Add connections import/export

New Feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-328] - Search Logs View


  • [DIRSTUDIO-128] - Replace internal schema parser with the schema parser in shared-ldap.

Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0 - (2008, march 31st)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-286] - Update Site is not working, missing dependencies in ldifeditor, ldapbrower and schemaeditor feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-285] - Export into LDIF format could be corrupted

  • [DIRSTUDIO-281] - LDIF and Apache DS configuration files can't be saved in RCP mode

  • [DIRSTUDIO-279] - Filter Editor doesn't remove spaces and line breaks after OK

  • [DIRSTUDIO-270] - Copy and paste does not work when value being edited

  • [DIRSTUDIO-269] - Attributes not displayed when browsing BEA Weblogic embedded LDAP

  • [DIRSTUDIO-267] - Clicking on a bookmark loops and does not display attributes

  • [DIRSTUDIO-261] - LDAP Browser shows same root objects two times under Root DSE

  • [DIRSTUDIO-252] - Advanced value editors don't work in NewEntryWizard

  • [DIRSTUDIO-250] - Unable to load entries if RDN is quoted and contains unescaped comma

  • [DIRSTUDIO-249] - Modification Logs view does not display request controls, if sent to the server

  • [DIRSTUDIO-247] - Don't use implicit ManageDsaIT control magic of JNDI

  • [DIRSTUDIO-242] - Inconsistent state of the Entry Editor after using "New Value" (or "New Attribute...") and pressing "Escape".

  • [DIRSTUDIO-235] - Non ASCII characters are not rendered properly in the LDAP Browser View when label is limited to a certain number of characters

  • [DIRSTUDIO-233] - Browsing base DN returns [LDAP: error code 10 - Referral]

  • [DIRSTUDIO-230] - Locate Dn in DIT Action does not work well

  • [DIRSTUDIO-223] - NullPointerException raised when adding values in the New Entry Wizard

  • [DIRSTUDIO-222] - Pb when creating an entry with an invalid atribute as a RDN

  • [DIRSTUDIO-220] - lowercase {crypt} in userPassword is an "Unsupported Hash Method"

  • [DIRSTUDIO-210] - Filter parser accepts bad filters

  • [DIRSTUDIO-197] - Following referrals throws NPE

  • [DIRSTUDIO-184] - Error while reading entry in Active Directory

  • [DIRSTUDIO-154] - Studio getting slower and slower on bulk operations

  • [DIRSTUDIO-152] - New entry creator does not know that 'dc' and 'domainComponent' is the same thing

  • [DIRSTUDIO-139] - Operational attributes not shown in the Entry Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-120] - 100% CPU when deleting thousands of entries

  • [DIRSTUDIO-95] - Not returning large queries


  • [DIRSTUDIO-221] - Improve Object Class selection in the New Entry Wizard

  • [DIRSTUDIO-156] - useability improvement: when exporting an OU use the applied filter by default

  • [DIRSTUDIO-138] - Add visual feedback to the user, if SSL (ldaps) is enabled

  • [DIRSTUDIO-123] - Refactor IConnection interface and Connection class

  • [DIRSTUDIO-119] - Allow user to disabled the Modification logs windows

  • [DIRSTUDIO-37] - Improve authentication methods and security mechanisms

New Feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-248] - Add support for simulated moving of non-leaf entries

  • [DIRSTUDIO-246] - Add support for simulated renaming of non-leaf entries


  • [DIRSTUDIO-229] - Replace internal DN/RDN/RDNPart with LdapDN/Rdn/ATAV of shared-ldap

  • [DIRSTUDIO-142] - Add SASL authentication

Apache Directory Studio 1.0.1 - (2007, september 10)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-162] - Delete old RDN on rename has no effect

  • [DIRSTUDIO-183] - It's not possible to select a Connection in a New Search

  • [DIRSTUDIO-186] - When copying an entry it isn't displayed correctly in the browser tree


  • [DIRSTUDIO-185] - Provide completion for all attribute types in the attribute wizard

Apache Directory Studio 1.0.0 - (2007, september 3rd)

Initial release.