Sharing connections

There are two ways to export and import connections. This may be useful if you want to copy your connections from one computer to another or if you want to share connection parameters with other users. You could also use this features to backup your defined connections.

Import/Export connections

You could use the Export Connection wizard and Import Connection wizard to export and import connections.

Copy/Paste connections as LDAP URL

A more simple way is to copy/paste connections as LDAP URL.

RFC 2255 specifies the LDAP URL format. Apache Directory Studio uses the host and port field and uses X- extensions for all other connection paramter.

ParameterDescriptionPossible valuesDefault
X-CONNECTION-NAMEThe connection name.Any name, must be URL encodedCurrent date
X-ENCRYPTIONThe encryption to use.none, ldaps, StartTLSnone
X-AUTH-METHODThe authentication to use.Anonymous, Simple, DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5Simple imf X-BIND-USER is present, else Anonymous
X-BIND-USERThe bind DN or user.Any DN, must be URL encodednone
X-BIND-PASSWORDThe bind password. none
X-SASL-REALMThe SASL realm. none
X-BASE-DNThe base DN.A valid base DN, none to get base DNs from the Root DSEnone
X-COUNT-LIMITThe count limit.A positive integer, 0 for no count limit0
X-TIME-LIMITThe time limit in seconds.A positive integer, 0 for no time limit0
X-FETCH-SUBENTRIESIf present the subentries control is value-
X-PAGED-SEARCHIf present the paged control is value-
X-PAGED-SEARCH-SIZEThe paged search size.Any positive integer100
X-PAGED-SEARCH-SCROLL-MODEIf present the scroll mode is activated.No value-

Here's an example how such an URL looks like: ldap://localhost:10389/????X-CONNECTION-NAME=ApacheDS,X-BIND-USER=uid=admin%2cou=system,X-BIND-PASSWORD=secret,X-COUNT-LIMIT=1000

When you copy a connection within the Connections view it is copied in the described format to your clipboard. You could then paste this LDAP URL into a text editor or to an email.

The same way you could copy an LDAP URL from somewhere and paste it into the Connections view.