Searches category

This section describes the Searches category in the LDAP Browser view.

New Search

To perform a new search please choose one of the following methods:

  • Select a search or entry and choose New Search... from the context menu. The selected search or entry is used to preset search parameters.

  • Use the Workbench Search action.

Please see Search dialog how to define the search parameters.


In the Searches category the searches and belonging search results are displayed. The first hierachy level contains the Searches, the second hierarchie level shows the search result entries. To expand and collapse a search the double-click could be used.

With the Open Search Result in DIT action the search result entry could be located in the DIT.

Unperfomed Searches

An unperfomed search could be identified by the gray search icon and the absent number in parentheses at the end of the search name label. To perfom the search expand it or press the refresh button.

Perfomed Searches

A perfomed search could be identified by the yellow search icon If a search is performed the number of search results is appended in parentheses to the search name label. If the directory server returned a partial result (e.g. because of count or time limits) a plus (+) character is appended to the number of search results to indicate that there are more results. To perfom the search again press the refresh button.

Search Results

By default the DN of the search results is used as label and the length of the label is limited to 50 characters. This behaviour could be changed in the LDAP Browser preferences .

The icons of the search results depends on the RDN type, see DIT category . Additional the search results have a small overlay image


By default large search results folded into virtual folders each with 100 entries. This may help to keep the displayed tree smaller. This behaviour could be changed in the LDAP Browser preferences .

Batch Operation

With the New Batch Operation... action you can execute a modify operation to all search results.