Connections view

The Connections view shows all the LDAP connections that you have added. Here is an example screenshot of the Connection view:

Organize Connections

It is possible to organize connections in folders and sub-folders. Use drag-and-drop to re-organize connections and folders.

You could copy and paste the connection parameters as LDAP URL to/from the clipboard. This makes it very easy to share connection parameters with other users.


The following icons can appear in the Connections view:

Connection is opened.
Connection is closed.
Secure Connection is opened.
Secure Connection is closed.
Connection folder


New Connection...Starts the New Connection wizard
Open ConnectionOpens the selected connection(s)
Close ConnectionCloses the selected connection(s)
Expand AllExpands all connection folders
Collapse AllCollapses all connection folders

Context Menu

New Connection...Starts the New Connection wizard 
New Connection Folder...Opens a dialog to create a new connection folder. 
Open ConnectionOpens the selected connection(s) 
Close ConnectionCloses the selected connection(s) 
Open Schema BrowserOpens the Schema Browser and shows the schema of the selected connection 
Copy ConnectionCopies the selected connection(s) as LDAP URL(s) to the clipboard. To duplicate an existing connection please combine copy and paste. Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert
Paste ConnectionPastes the copied connection(s) or LDAP URL(s) from clipboard. Only enabled if there are connections or LDAP URLs in clipboard. Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert
Delete ConnectionDeletes the selected connections(s). Only enabled if the selected connections are closed.Delete
 Select AllSelects all connections.Ctrl-A
 Rename Connection...Opens a dialog to rename the selected connection.F2
 Rename Connection Folder...Opens a dialog to rename the selected connection folder.F2
ImportLDIF Import... Starts the LDIF Import wizard. 
ImportDSML Import... Starts the DSML Import wizard. 
ImportImport Connections... Starts the Import Connection wizard. 
ExportLDIF Export... Starts the LDIF Export wizard. 
ExportDSML Export... Starts the DSML Export wizard. 
ExportCSV Export... Starts the CSV Export wizard. 
ExportExcel Export... Starts the Excel Export wizard. 
ExportODF Export... Starts the ODF Export wizard. 
ExportExport Connections... Starts the Export Connections wizard. 
 PropertiesOpens the connection properties dialog. Alt-Enter