DSML Import wizard

This wizard imports DSMLv2 files into the directory.

To start the wizard choose one of the following options:

The wizard

DSML file The DSML file to import. Type in the full path or Browse... to select the path on the file system. The drop-down list provides a history of recently used files. empty
Import into The connection into which the DSML should be imported. Use the Browse... button to select a connection. The connection that was selected when the wizard has been started.
Save response When checked the response of the DSML request execution is saved into a response file. on
Use default response file By default the extension ".response.xml" is appended the import filename. on
Use custom response file When checked you could specify a custom response file. off
Overwrite existing response file If the default or custom response file already exist, you must permit to overwrite the response file. off