LDAP perspective

The Apache Directory Studio Browser plug-in provides a LDAP perspective. It is designed for working with an LDAP directory (browse, edit, search) as well as for editing LDIF files. The views and edtiors are arranged as follows:

The bottom left view shows all the Connections. It is used to create, edit, delete, open and close connections. When selecting a single connection the LDAP Browser shows the content of the selected connection.

The LDAP Browser view is on the top left. It shows the directory information tree (DIT), the persistent searches and bookmarks of the selected connection. With the LDAP Browser you are able to navigate and modify the DIT, perform searches and manage bookmarks. When selecting a single entry the Entry editor shows its attributes and values. When selecting a single search the Search Result editor shows the search results.

The editor area in the top middle. The following LDAP specific editors are available:

The Outline view on the top right displays the structure of the entry currently opended in the entry editor or the structured outline of the currently opened LDIF file.

The bottom centered view displays all Modifications made on the currently selected connection as LDIF change records and all Searches performed on the on the currently selected connection as LDIF records.

The bottom right Progress view displays long-running operations like connecting to the directory or import/export operations.