LDIF Export wizard

This wizard is used to export entries to LDIF content files.

To start the wizard choose one of the following options:

Data to Export

On the Data to Export page you have to specify which entries and attributes to export.

The layout of the page is similar to the LDAP Search page . In the Returning Attributes section you can also choose the following options:

All user attributes Exports all user attributes. on if the Returning Attributes field is empty
Operational attributes Exports all operational attributes. off


On the LDIF File page you have to select the target LDIF file.

LDIF File The LDIF file to export to. Type in the full path or Browse... to select the path on the file system. The drop-down list provides a history of recently used files. empty
Overwrite existing LDIF file If the export file already exist, you must permit to overwrite the file. off
Text Formats Opens the Text Formats preferences where you could modify the LDIF format. -