This section describes general aspects of the Search Result editor.

Example screenshot


The Search Result editor has a multi-column layout, one column for each returning attribute defined in search parameters. Each line represents a search result with its values.

The cells have the following meaning:

  • A value indicates that the entry has such an attribute with exacly one value.

  • An empty cell indicates that the entry hasn't such an attribute.

  • X values: ... indicates that the entry has multiple values for that attribute.

You can choose whether the DN of each search result is displayed as first column. Toggle Toolbar menu -> Show DN .

Fonts and Colors

To distinguish the different attribute classes the Search Result editor uses the same fonts and colors as the Entry editor .


The toolbar contains the following items:

New Value Adds a new value to the selected attribute and starts the edit mode. Ctrl-+
Delete Deletes the selected attribute. Delete
RefreshPerforms the current search. F5
Copy Table Copies values as displayed in the table as CSV. By default the tabulator is used as attribute delimiter, a pipe is used as value delimiter and each attribute is wrapped by double-quotes. These settings are suitable to paste the copied data into Excel or OpenOffice, the settings could be changed in Text Formats preferences .  
Show Quick Filter Shows/Hides the Quick Filter . Ctrl-F

Drop Down Menu

The drop down menu contains the following items:

  • Show DN: If checked the distinguished name of each search result is displayed as first column.

  • DN as link: If checked the distinguished name of each search result is a link. Clicking to this link will open the search result entry.

  • Show Decorated Values: If checked decorated values are displayed, this means some additional information is displayed:

    • Images: Image format, width, height, and size.
    • Binary data: Data size.
    • Passwords: Used hash method.
    • Timestamps: Locale dependent date and time format.
    If unchecked the raw values (as stored in directory) are displayed.

  • Preferences...: Opens the Search Result editor preferences dialog.