Release notes

Apache Directory Studio 1.5.2 - (2009, December 11th)

Nothing new.

Apache Directory Studio 1.5.1 - (2009, November 30th)

Nothing new.

Apache Directory Studio 1.5.0 - (2009, November 2nd)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-568] - When editing an AT or OC, using the scroll wheel may trigger a combo change

  • [DIRSTUDIO-565] - Inconsistent handling of the 'modified schemas' flag

  • [DIRSTUDIO-506] - Export Schemas for ApacheDS: object classes must be sorted by hierarchy

  • [DIRSTUDIO-497] - LdapSchema plugin 'Save' is erratic

  • [DIRSTUDIO-473] - Import OpenLDAP core schema

  • [DIRSTUDIO-443] - The warning and error overlay for OCs and ATs sometimes (often) lacks forgets some items

  • [DIRSTUDIO-441] - New ObjectClass and AttributeType wizards always show a warning indicating that the item does not have any name

  • [DIRSTUDIO-429] - Meaningless error message on importing schema

  • [DIRSTUDIO-331] - Instant error when importing schema in a new schema-project

  • [DIRSTUDIO-282] - Save failed: null , when adding an attribute to a class, if attribute is also open in gui


  • [DIRSTUDIO-535] - Use SWT.SEARCH and SWT.CANCEL style bits on search text field for a native search field on Mac OS X

  • [DIRSTUDIO-534] - Re-order the preference pages for better understanding

  • [DIRSTUDIO-521] - Replace the XSLT transformation by the use of the Dom4J OutputFormat class for XML pretty print

  • [DIRSTUDIO-509] - Load schema from the directory server

  • [DIRSTUDIO-444] - Allow the user to enter the names of an item inline (using ',' as separator) in the OC and AT Editors

New Feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-510] - Add functionality to copy/merge schema elements between schema projects


  • [DIRSTUDIO-573] - Update bundled Apache DS Schema files to version 1.5.5

Apache Directory Studio 1.4.0 - (2009, April 7th)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-466] - Incorrect error message when importing a bad XML schema file

  • [DIRSTUDIO-442] - Typo in a warning of the New ObjectClass wizard ('attribute type' instead of 'object class')


  • [DIRSTUDIO-426] - Overwritten hashCode() method should not use super.hashCode()

New Feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-397] - Request for multi-language GUI

Apache Directory Studio 1.3.0 - (2008, November 24th)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-384] - Improve New Attribute Type, New Object Class and New Schema Wizards when no schema project is opened


  • [DIRSTUDIO-375] - Move each plugin IDs in a file

Apache Directory Studio 1.2.0 - (2008, august 18th)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-342] - Relax the parser for the *.schema files

  • [DIRSTUDIO-266] - OpenLDAP schema files parser fails when DESC contains an empty string ''

Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0 - (2008, march 31st)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-286] - Update Site is not working, missing dependencies in ldifeditor, ldapbrower and schemaeditor feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-243] - Modified value of Equality Matching Rule in the AttributeTypeEditor is not saved

  • [DIRSTUDIO-239] - No error message when importing a bad schema

  • [DIRSTUDIO-226] - Attribute Type Description is not imported when reading an OpenLDAP schema file

  • [DIRSTUDIO-224] - Can't Open Schema View with JDK 6.0

  • [DIRSTUDIO-214] - IllegalArgumentException raised when selecting an AT with no alias as superior in the NewAttributeTypeWizard

  • [DIRSTUDIO-213] - NullPointerException raised when selecting an OC with no alias as a superior in the NewObjectClassWizard

  • [DIRSTUDIO-201] - Project Name mess up if it contains non-ascii chars

  • [DIRSTUDIO-198] - Search string is not working properly with metacharacters (*, +...)

  • [DIRSTUDIO-196] - Error dialog displayed after Problems View is closed

  • [DIRSTUDIO-48] - Errors when help is open


  • [DIRSTUDIO-275] - Import/Export wizards should display an error if no Schema Project is open

  • [DIRSTUDIO-254] - schema import does not provide error reporting when parsing schema file

  • [DIRSTUDIO-251] - Replace the Text Widget for the OID in the new AT and OC wizards by a Drop-Down Combo with history of the last used OIDs

  • [DIRSTUDIO-240] - Memorize the last import's path

  • [DIRSTUDIO-238] - Automatically add an alias when the 'ok' button is selected

  • [DIRSTUDIO-237] - It would be good to be able to import 'core' schemas into an existing project

  • [DIRSTUDIO-227] - Add the ability to select OpenLDAP schema files as core schemas when creating a project

  • [DIRSTUDIO-216] - Improve Type Hierarchy View

  • [DIRSTUDIO-206] - Add help contexts to the help plugin of the Schema Editor

  • [DIRSTUDIO-200] - Add an OC and AT hierarchical global view

  • [DIRSTUDIO-199] - Add scopes for OC and AT in search

  • [DIRSTUDIO-195] - Add key bindings to the Schema Editor

New Feature

  • [DIRSTUDIO-194] - Add a SchemaConnector for Apache Directory Server

  • [DIRSTUDIO-193] - Add the abitilty to import/export the Schema from/to a directory Server

  • [DIRSTUDIO-192] - Add an extension point in the Schema Editor for SchemaConnectors


  • [DIRSTUDIO-225] - Update documentation for Schema Editor Plugin

Apache Directory Studio 1.0.1 - (2007, september 10)


  • [DIRSTUDIO-180] - Connection wizard and properties tabs are out of order


  • [DIRSTUDIO-181] - Update the documentation of the Schema Editor Plugin

Apache Directory Studio 1.0.0 - (2007, september 3rd)

Initial release.