Working on Apache Directory Studio

Get and Prepare the Sources

First, check out the active development branch of Apache Directory Studio and all co-projects run the following command:

svn co studio

Now, change to studio:

cd studio

Run the following command to create eclipse descriptors (.project, .classpath files and .settings folder), and create the 'lib' folder as well as the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF files (needed to launch Apache Directory Studio inside Eclipse):

mvn install studio:eclipse

Note: To make sure MANIFEST.MF files are correctly built the goal install is not optional.

Prepare Eclipse

Declare a classpath variable named M2_REPO, pointing to ~/.m2/repository. You can declare new variables in Eclipse in Window -> Preferences... and selecting Java -> Build Path -> Classpath Variables.

Install SWTBot from the SWTBot update site Select both, SWTBot SWT Feature and SWTBot Eclipse Feature.

To fulfill the coding standards it is recommended to import formatting profiles and code templates as described here:

Import Projects into Eclipse

Open the Import Wizard, select General -> Existing Projects into Workspace, on the next wizard page choos Select root directory and browse for the checked-out studio folder, select all projects and press Finish.

Note that all the feature projects have errors because the feature.xml files contain maven variables that are replaced by the release build. So either ignore the errors in Eclipse or close the feature projects or don't import them.

Set Up Target Platform

In the repository project, double-click or open the Target Platform file and then choose Set as Target Platform in the editor.

This will resolve all missing libraries such as Apache Mina, Apache Directory LDAP API or ApacheDS bundles.

Start Studio Plugins in a Runtime Environment

To start the studio plugins in a runtime environment select Run -> Open Run Dialog..., select Studio Runtime and press the Run button.

To start the core integration tests select Run -> Open Run Dialog..., select Studio-Integration-Test-Core and press the Run button.

To start the UI integration tests select Run -> Open Run Dialog..., select Studio-Integration-Test-UI and press the Run button. Please make sure to use English locale for UI integration tests. Select Window -> Preferences -> Plug-in Development -> Target Platform -> Tab Environment and set Locale to en.