Developer’s Guide

This is a simple guide to help developers get going.

Source Repository

To get the source, you will need to have git installed. Just type the following command to get the latest development version:

git clone

Git Mirror

The git repository is mirrored to Github:

Build Requirements:

  • JDK 1.7+
  • Maven 3.0 or later
  • Internet connection for first build (to fetch all Maven and Kerby dependencies)

##Where to run Maven from?

It should be run at the top directory of Kerby.

##Maven build goals:

  • Clean : mvn clean
  • Compile : mvn compile
  • Run tests : mvn test
  • Create JAR : mvn package
  • Install JAR in M2 cache : mvn install
  • Deploy JAR to Maven repo : mvn deploy
  • Build distribution : mvn package [-Pdist]
  • Run findbugs : mvn compile findbugs:findbugs
  • Run benchmarks : mvn integration-test -Pbenchmark

##Build options:

  • To run findbugs without running tests :

    $ mvn clean package -DskipTests findbugs:findbugs [site]

  • Building distributions without running tests :

    $ mvn package -Pdist -DskipTests

(tar package in /kerby/kerby-dist/kdc-dist/target/ & /kerby/kerby-dist/tool-dist/target/)

  • Generate javadoc without running tests:

    $ mvn clean package -DskipTests javadoc:javadoc

  • Checkstyle plugin & pmd plugin are run by default. To prevent them from running, add option [-Pnochecks], such as:

    $ mvn package -Pnochecks

Setup Intellij

  1. File -> Import Project…
  2. Choose ‘directory-kerby’ as root directory
  3. Import project from external model -> Maven
  4. Finish

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