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General Apache sponsors

Without those sponsors, the ASF would simply not exist or sustain its activities :

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Organizations who helped our project ...

We would also like to thank the organizations who provided some tools and images for free :

Company/Organization Donation type Organization Contact Apache Contact
Compliance test suite, LDAP certification support Lynne Canal Alex Karasulu
Licenses for YourKit Vladimir Kondratyev (sales at yourkit.com) Emmanuel Lécharny
Licenses for IDEA Ilia Dumov (Ilia.Dumov at jetbrains.com) Alex Karasulu
Licenses for MySQL/Postgres Roman Tkachenko (sales at sqlmanager.net) Alex Karasulu
Licenses for Together Lesong Chang (lesong.chang at borland.com) Alex Karasulu
Licenses for Poseidon UML - Stefan Zoerner
Silk Icons Mark James Emmanuel Lécharny
Licenses for Lattix LDM Frank Waldman (frank.waldman at lattix.com) Alex Karasulu