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General Apache sponsors

Without those sponsors, the ASF would simply not exist or sustain its activities :

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Organizations who helped our project …

We would also like to thank the organizations who provided some tools and images for free :

Company/Organization Donation type Organization Contact Apache Contact
Compliance test suite, LDAP certification support Lynne Canal Alex Karasulu
Licenses for YourKit Vladimir Kondratyev (sales at yourkit.com) Emmanuel L├ęcharny
Licenses for IDEA Ilia Dumov (Ilia.Dumov at jetbrains.com) Alex Karasulu
Licenses for MySQL/Postgres Roman Tkachenko (sales at sqlmanager.net) Alex Karasulu
Licenses for Together Lesong Chang (lesong.chang at borland.com) Alex Karasulu
Licenses for Poseidon UML - Stefan Zoerner
Silk Icons Mark James Emmanuel L├ęcharny
Licenses for Lattix LDM Frank Waldman (frank.waldman at lattix.com) Alex Karasulu