Mailing lists and IRC

Mailing list etiquette

Please consider the following before posting Emails to the lists:

  • No posts with html.
  • No cross posting.
  • Change the subject when appropriate (meaning when the conversation topic has shifted to something other than the old subject line).
  • Start threads with tags for tracking different kinds of subjects. So far we have the following for the dev list:
    • [ApacheDS]
    • [Studio]
    • [Site]
    • [Fortress]
    • [Kerby]
    • [Community]
    • [Release]
    • [VOTE]
    • [OT]

An article by Eric Steven Raymond very worth reading is found here: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

Project mailing lists

These are the mailing lists that have been established for this project. We haven't a distinguished mailing list for each of the sub-projects : if you have questions about Escimo, Mavibot or ApacheDS, for instance, you have to use the Directory Users or Developpers mailing list.

For each list, there is a subscribe, unsubscribe, and an archive link:

Name Subscribe Unsubscribe Post Archive
The Directory Developers List Subscribe Unsubscribe Post
The Directory Users List Subscribe Unsubscribe Post
The Directory Commits List Subscribe Unsubscribe
The LDAP API List Subscribe Unsubscribe Post
The Fortress List Subscribe Unsubscribe Post
The Kerby List Subscribe Unsubscribe Post

IRC channels