This is the Java implementation of a new LDAP API. This effort was initially conducted with the OpenDS team.


There are a few existing Java LDAP API around there. Here is a short list and description.

API Version License Description
Apache Directory Client API 1.0 1.0.0 ASL 2.0 The Apache Directory Server CLient API.
Apache Directory Client API 2.0 2.0.0 ASL 2.0 The Apache Directory Server CLient API, V2.
jLDAP 2008_03-01-1 OpenLDAP Public License A Novell™ contribution to the OpenLDAP project
JNDI 1.2 Sun license This is not a pure LDAP API, however it’s included in J2SE since Java 5. (Probably the API selected by many developers
ldapSDK 4.17 (discontinued) Netscape Public License The Mozilla™ API, formally the Netscape LDAP API
OpenDJ LDAP SDK 2.6.4 (discontinued) CDDL The ForgeRock™ OpenDJ LDAP SDK
OpenDS client API Discontinued CDDL The OpenDS™ API
UnboundID API 3.2.0 Apache License API 2.0, GNU GPLv2 or LGPLv2.1 A new API developed by the UnboundID™ company

(There may be some more we don’t know about)


The User Guide pages gives the list of features the API provides.


This API requires Java 8 or higher.