Apache LDAP API 1.0 to 2.0 migration guide

Main differences

The Apache LDAP API V 2.0 is not very different from the 1.0 version. However, a few classes have been renamed, removed or added.


Those classes/interface were removed :

  • AbstractValue
  • BinaryValue
  • StringValue

They are all replaced by a single class, Value, that is not anymore parametered.

We now have to use the Value class only. That is not a really big trouble, as everywhere you were using Value*, you just have to remove the *.

Do not anymore use new BinaryValue( byte[] ) or new StringValue( String ), just do new Value( byte[] ) and new Value( String ).

There are a few methods that has changed, like getValues() that now always returns a String (even for a byte[], which will be dumped as a hexadecimal string). If you want to get the byte[] from the Value, use getBytes().

Connection pool

We have moved to commons-pool 2.5, which means there is some incompatibility with the previous pool configuration.

Typically, when configuring a LdapConnectionPool, you have to pass a PooledObjectFactory instead of a PoolableObjectFactory.