2.7 - Moving an renaming entries

LDAP allows you to do more than adding, deleting or modifying entries : you can also move them, or rename them. Here, you are not changing the content of an entry, but its position in the DIT, or its name.

Actually, changing an entry’s name *may have an impact on the entry’s content, as the DN always contains elements that are part of the entry.

Both operation can be applied at the same time.

Actually the LDAP protocol reunite those two function into one call (MODDN, also called MODRDN), but for clarity, we defined three different methods, beside a fith one that mimic the LDAP protocol MODDN function :

  • move( current DN, new superior DN )
  • rename ( old DN, new DN[, keep the old RDN] )
  • moveAndRename( current DN, new DN[, keep the old RDN])
  • modifyDn( ModifyDnRequest )

Move operation

Rename operation

Move and Rename operation

ModifyDn operation

Asynchornous ModifyDn operation