This page collects testimonies from Apache Directory Server users, and expose what they are using it for.

  • The openthinclient.org project uses ADS as an embedded directory server to store all kinds of configuration data. http://openthinclient.org is an open source thin client management solution allowing thin clients to boot from the network via using a single pure-java server.

  • Mitchell Robson, founder of nicefonts.com: “As a developer, I first discovered the power of Apache Directory when seeking an efficient solution for managing directory services. Built on LDAP, this open-source directory server integrates seamlessly with Java-based applications and offers an intuitive configuration interface through Apache Directory Studio. Apache Directory‘s extensibility, performance, and security are standout features that keep me using it. With support for custom partition implementations, replication, and various authentication mechanisms, Apache Directory ensures high availability, fault tolerance, and security for mission-critical applications. It has become my top choice when I’m in need of a reliable and feature-rich directory service solution.”