How to set the language of Studio?

Studio currentlly is translated in three languages: English (en), French (fr) and German (de). When starting Studio, the language setting of your operation system is used to determine the language of Studio (On linux, the LC_CTYPE environment variable is used to determinate the default language).

However it is possible to force another language. Add the following content to the ApacheDirectoryStudio.ini file (before the "-vmargs" line):


Please notice the line break between -nl and the language.

When browsing and expanding an entry, Studio only shows 1000 child entries.

Studio uses a client-side count limit when browsing the DIT. This limit is defined in the connection properties. See Connection Properties how to change it.

How to set the Java VM to use?

Add the following content to ApacheDirectoryStudio.ini file (before the "-vmargs" line):

<path to java executable>

Please notice the line break between -vm and the path.

Studio requires Java 7 or Java 8 (recommended). Java 9 is not yet supported.

Mac OS X notes:

  • You need to install the JDK (Java Development Kit), the JRE is not enough!
  • You can find out the Java home directories with /usr/libexec/java_home -V, append /bin/java to the path

Error when using Java 9

Workaround until Studio is upgraded to Eclispe Oxygen platform is to add "--add-modules=ALL-SYSTEM" to the end of the ApacheDirectoryStudio.ini file. This is only required for Oracle Java 9, OpenJDK 9 enables that flag by default.

How to increase the heap memory?

Add the following content to ApacheDirectoryStudio.ini file:


Please notice the line breaks.

Location of ApacheDirectoryStudio.ini file

  • On Linux: in the installation folder
  • On Mac OS X: /Applications/ApacheDirectoryStudio.app/Contents/ApacheDirectoryStudio.ini
  • On Windows: in the installation folder

Location of Apache Directory Studio settings

The settings are located per default in your home directory under the directory .ApacheDirectoryStudio.

The file containing all connections is:


The file containing all searches and bookmarks is:


The file containing the history of the connection wizard (recently used hosts and bind users) is:


The file containing the history of search settings (recently used DNs, filters, returning attributes) is:


There are some more dialog_settings.xml files in the other plugins directories.

Note: the location of the settings directory could be configured by changing the parameter "osgi.instance.area.default" in configuration/config.ini.