This is the Java implementation of a new LDAP API. This effort was initially conducted with the OpenDS team.


There are a few existing Java LDAP API around there. Here is a short list and description.

API Version License Description
Apache Directory Client API 1.0.0 ASL 2.0 The Apache Directory Server CLient API.
jLDAP 2008_03-01-1 OpenLDAP Public License A Novell(&tm;) contribution to the OpenLDAP project
JNDI 1.2 Sun license This is not a pure LDAP API, however it's included in J2SE since Java 5. (Probably the API selected by many developers
ldapSDK 4.17 Netscape Public License The Mozilla(&tm;) API, formally the Netscape LDAP API
OpenDJ LDAP SDK 3.0.0 CDDL The ForgeRock(&tm;) OpenDJ LDAP SDK
OpenDS client API Discontinued CDDL The OpenDS(&tm;) API
UnboundID API 3.2.0 GPLv2/LGPLv2.1/UnboundID Free Use License A new API developed by the UnboundID(&tm;) company

(There may be some more we don't know about)


The User Guide pages gives the list of features the API provides.


This API requires Java 7 or upper.