2.1 - KrbClient APIs

A Krb client API for applications to interact with KDC.

Initiate a KrbClient

  • Initiate a KrbClient with prepared KrbConfig.
    KrbClient krbClient = new KrbClient(krbConfig);
  • Initiate a KrbClient with with conf dir.
    KrbClient krbClient = new KrbClient(confDir);

Request a TGT

  • Request a TGT with user plain password credential
    requestTgtWithPassword(principal, password);
  • Request a TGT with user token credential
    requestTgtWithToken(token, armorCache);

Request a service ticket

  • Request a service ticket with user TGT credential for a server
    requestServiceTicketWithTgt(tgt, serverPrincipal);
  • Request a service ticket with user AccessToken credential for a server
    requestServiceTicketWithAccessToken(accessToken, serverPrincipal, armorCache);