2.2 - Kadmin

Server side admin facilities.

Local mode

Initiate a LocalKadminImpl

  • Initiate a LocalKadminImpl with prepared KdcConfig and BackendConfig.
    LocalKadmin kadmin = new LocalKadminImpl(kdcConfig, backendConfig);
  • Initiate a LocalKadmin with confDir.
    LocalKadmin kadmin = new LocalKadminImpl(confDir);
  • Initiate a LocalKadmin with kdcSetting and backend.
    LocalKadmin kadmin = new LocalKadminImpl(kdcSetting, backend);

Principal operating

  • Add principle with principal name.
  • Add principle with principal name and password.
    addPrincipal(principal, password);
  • Add principle with principal name and kOptions.
    addPrincipal(principal, kOptions);
  • Add principle with principal name, password and kOptions.
    addPrincipal(principal, password kOptions);
  • Delete principle with principal name.
  • Modify principle with principal name and kOptions.
    modifyPrincipal(principal, kOptions);
  • Rename principle.
    renamePrincipal(oldPrincipalName, newPrincipalName);
  • Get principle with principal name.
  • Get all the principles.
  • Update password with principal name and new password.
    updatePassword(principal, newPassword);
  • Export all identity keys to the specified keytab file.